The Bodyfix Method™ Team


Exercise Physiologist, Founder & Creator of Bodyfix Method™

Bill created Bodyfix Method™ almost twenty years ago because he was in pain and couldn’t find a way out. There were many options, but none treated the cause of his pain. It took him two years of research to put together what worked for him, a series of restorative exercises focused on joint alignment and the body’s natural mechanics. He set out to create a framework for healing that would be accessible to everyone.

Bill’s educational background is in biology, chemistry, and kinesiology. His avocations are competitive sports, yoga, and athletic training. He was blessed to learn yoga with Beryl Bender Birch and Sharon Gannon, finding a path that is still a part of his life and a basis of Bodyfix Method™ today.

Bill has earned certifications as a Clinical Exercise Specialist, as an Egoscue Method™ Postural Alignment Specialist, as a specialist in Muscle Energy Techniques™, and in Muscle Activation Techniques™. He is trained in Strain Counterstrain therapy, Spinal Manipulation studies with Jeff Maitland, and work with several practitioners of soft tissue manual therapy. He treated hundreds of individuals in pain at the Pain Management & Rehabilitation Medical Services, one of New York’s most highly praised remedial clinics, before establishing his own practice. He has studied with Leon Chaitow, DO; he has worked with Tom Purvis, earning an Resistance Training Specialist designation, and has worked with Tom Ockler, PT in his seminars integrating Muscle Energy Techniques using articular surfaces.

Bodyfix Method™ offers not one road to eliminating pain, but several, drawing on the skills and diverse techniques learned by its therapists. Bodyfix Method™ is not just physical therapy, but a vital, organic service continuously integrating several healing methodologies to bring relief and eliminate pain.


Postural Alignment Therapist & Certified Yoga Instructor

A student of physicality for many years, Elaine launched her career as a movement professional in 2008 when she completed her 200-hour yoga certification at Laughing Lotus Yoga Center. She has spent the years since teaching yoga to a diverse population throughout NY and abroad. It’s Elaine’s mission to provide her students with the insight and information necessary to surpass their perceived limitations and to move with comfort and ease. It’s this intention that guided Elaine to BodyFix Method™. Under Bill’s direction, Elaine is devoted to the health and wellbeing of those who wish to eliminate pain and find musculoskeletal alignment and health. She is an Egoscue Method™ Postural Alignment Specialist and a practitioner of Muscle Activation Techniques™. With this varied approach, she can support her clients as they shed unconscious or habitual movement patterns and restore their bodies to a natural state of balance & alignment.


Postural Alignment Therapist & Master Pilates Instructor

Anita’s personal journey to heal her own body has helped shape her career and her studies. Her challenges with scoliosis, lower back and neck pain, and debilitating migraines led her to Pilates, Structural Integration, and ultimately, to BodyFix Method™. Under the care and mentorship of Bill Boland, Anita is a living example of the transformative power of the BodyFix Method™. As a result, her life purpose is to help others break the holding patterns that underlie their chronic pain.

She believes that the body’s natural alignment is the foundation of good health and that when the body is returned to that state, vitality will be restored. Anita is a Master Pilates Instructor with over twelve years of experience in mind-body fitness and wellness. She holds 3 Pilates certifications and has trained with the legendary Marie Jose Blom and Kelly Kane. Anita has done extensive continuing education in the areas of rehabilitation, scoliosis, osteoporosis, and migraines. She is also a Certified Hellerwork Structural Integration Practitioner and a Certified Life and Wellness Coach. She is certified in Muscle Activation Techniques™, and is an Egoscue Method™ Postural Alignment Specialist. Anita grew up in Laguna Beach, CA and received her B.A. from Columbia College


Postural Alignment Specialist & Certified Personal Trainer

Kat began her interest in movement therapy while fencing in high school and college. Seeing the same injuries reoccur in teammates and competitors she became determined to find a way to break the cycle and make a better athlete. To learn how to remedy this Kat became a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and began training at Equinox.

Kat quickly found her niche at Equinox, specializing in injured and recovering clients and further developed her knowledge attending workshops including Prehab/Rehab by Dr. Mark Cheng, Pre-Post Natal Certification with Annette Lang, Progressive Body Weight Training with Michael Fitch, and the Equinox Higher Performance Living Symposiums.

Later, Kat attended an Equinox Yoga Class taught by Bodyfix Therapist Elaine O’Brien. She was so impressed by the incredible effectiveness of the whole body approach and manual therapy techniques that she joined the BodyFix team as an apprentice and business developer. Kat holds an B.S. from Rutgers, Fenced Div 1, Co-Founded Hub City Fencing Academy.  She is certified in Egoscue Method™ Postural Alignment Specialist, Functional Range Conditioning™ (FRC) and will be Muscle Activation Techniques™ certified in April 2017.

Kat believes in the ability of the Bodyfix Method™ techniques not just as a way to make someone well but as a catalyst to finding true athletic potential and actively tests this belief on herself through combining her athletic training, survival skills, and therapy knowledge in adventure races and triathlons.