About Bill Boland

Bill was one of the country's first Clinical Exercise Specialists, an American Council on Exercise designation. He became one of the American Council on Exercise’s Gold Level Personal Trainers in 1997. He earned the Egoscue Method’s Postural Alignment Specialist designation in 2002.

He treated hundreds of individuals in pain at one of New York's most highly rated medical pain management clinics before establishing his own practice in 2002. Bill is also trained in Muscle Energy Techniques and Muscle Activation Techniques. Yoga and meditation focus has been in his life and practice for 25 years.

Bill's background is in biochemistry, kinesiology, competitive sports, yoga, and athletic training. His own experience as an elite runner put him in the same position as many of you -- experiencing constant pain. His times got slower and his running became more difficult. Even walking became a problem. It took two years of searching for an answer for him to realize there wasn’t one, so he set out to create a framework for healing that would be accessible to all.

Exercise and sports don't make us well; yoga makes us well. Good fitness routines in the gym, and all good physical therapy, should be based on what the yogis learned and taught over the ages. Listen to the muscles, follow their movement or lack of it, treat the imbalances, and the body will regain alignment and balance. Pain will resolve itself.

The BodyFix Method is Bill's modern interpretation and organization of many of these yogic principles. It borrows liberally from yoga, uses Muscle Activation Techniques® and Muscle Energy Techniques for its range of motion testing and graduated isometrics. The BodyFix Method builds its client-specific therapeutic exercise menus upon postural alignment therapy to return the body to real-life, restoring function and balance.

We are the only rehabilitation therapy with over fifteen years experience and training in The Egoscue Method, Muscle Energy Techniques, and Muscle Activation Techniques. Ours is not an ego-based practice; we know that we don’t have all the answers. We rely on our experience but primarily on information from you to make your therapy unique and effective.

Every reasonable effort has been made to ensure that the information on this web site and in the exercise programs offered here is complete and accurate. However, neither Bill Boland nor BodyFix Method LLC is rendering medical services or advice to anyone.
The concepts, practices, and exercises on the web site are not a substitute for a consultation with your physician. A doctor can help you rule out the possibility of underlying disease and tailor the contents of these programs to your particular case. Neither Bill Boland nor BodyFix Method LLC shall be liable for any loss, injury, or damage allegedly arising from any information or suggestion on this web site.