Bodyfix Method™ is an integrative system of simple, prescriptive exercises that offers relief from chronic pain. People who have tried everything else – from drugs to surgery – without success will find permanent relief with the Bodyfix Method™ program of therapeutic exercises. The only requirement for success is a commitment to healing and a willingness to spend a few minutes a day on the program.

Bodyfix Method™ offers not one road to eliminating pain, but several, drawing on the skills and diverse techniques learned by its therapists. Bodyfix Method™ is a vital, organic service continually integrating several healing methodologies to bring relief and eliminate pain.

We have over 20 years of experience treating chronic pain, athletic injuries, structural misalignment, and providing rehabilitation after surgeries. Bodyfix Method™ treats ailments such as scoliosis, low back pain, shoulder pain and more. Our goal is to make you well, to help you move with grace and power, and to do what you love with joy and freedom.

Alignment matters. Many illnesses and most daily pains are a result of compromised posture, particularly for those of us who are physically active or sit at a desk for much of the day. Most therapies ignore this, however, and focus on the area where the pain is present. The result is that after a brief respite, the pain returns. Our mission at Bodyfix Method™ is to assess the cause rather than the effect of our clients’ pain, and to provide tools and exercises to promote fluid, comfortable, full body movement throughout daily life.

Each Bodyfix Method™ therapeutic exercise menu targets the underlying cause of pain – the primary source of the problem. All of the menus are safe and simple, so everyone can follow them. Each therapeutic menu is individually tailored to the client’s specific issues. Most people feel better within a week or two of starting the program. Visit us today and Live Aligned!