Initial treatment starts with a postural evaluation, a functional screening, and a gait assessment, and includes a personalized program of targeted stretching and simple at-home exercises to reinforce the work done during your visit. Follow-up sessions will continue to restore correct muscle habits, develop good movement patterns, and to eliminate pain.

We are treated as an out-of-network provider by most health insurance plans. Ask your provider about your plan’s policies. Payment plans are also available.

Alignment Therapy & Postural Assessment Programs

Highly trained alignment therapists treat chronic pain, muscle imbalances, and misalignment issues. A series of eight one-on-one in-clinic sessions are often sufficient to correct musculoskeletal problems and to relieve pain. Every client receives a personalized exercise program for at-home use, giving him or her freedom to live a pain-free life.

Manual Therapy – Muscle Activation & Muscle Energy Techniques

Every therapist is qualified in manual therapy techniques. These skills are brought to each client’s alignment and pain issues, whether the problem is that of soft tissue or of articular surfaces like vertebrae. This manual therapy work complements the functional exercises in the extensive BodyFix Method™ database from which each client’s exercise program is created.

Non Surgical Treatment of Sports Injuries and Movement Dysfunctions

Each therapist has the skills and ability to focus on joint and musculoskeletal issues, both from personal experience and years of treating sports injuries. The team applies particular emphasis on restoring function through alignment, correcting musculoskeletal compensations, and movement dysfunctions that have caused the problem.

Non-Drug Treatments for Migraines & Chronic Pain Disorders

Migraines and chronic pain disorders have long been treated by drugs and little else. We have found that many of the causes of migraines, direct and indirect, are tight, over-worked muscles unable to carry oxygen and fluids to the brain. Releasing tight muscles in the upper back and neck, and restoring proper joint movement enhances an open and steady flow of oxygen to the brain ad muscles, reducing the frequency and intensity of chronic pain and migraines.

Restorative & Isometric Treatment for Scoliosis

Scoliosis is divided into two types, functional and structural. The asymmetry of muscle strength pulls the spine to one side, leaving an imbalance structurally and a musculoskeletal vacuum affecting breathing, balance, and movement. We have found that manual therapy work incorporating isometric and isokinetic techniques will reduce the Cobb angle and bring the spine back into alignment. Clients are able to move more comfortably and reduce pain levels dramatically.

Post-Surgery Rehabilitation

Many post-operative rehabilitation programs are focused on getting a patient moving. Our work is more than that. We assume that musculoskeletal imbalances played a major part in the injury, especially if the injury was not traumatic. We focus on alignment, getting the joints to line up, and the muscles to do the job they were programmed to do. If you were a tennis player before the injury, we intend to get you back to natural alignment.

Sports Injury Prevention

Many common sports like Golf, Basketball, Skiing, and Running cause major muscle imbalances, tightens opposing muscles, and weakens the ratio of major structural and phasic muscles. Our goal is to correct those imbalances, and to restore the body to its natural symmetry and range of motion.

In-Clinic Private Yoga Classes

Do what you love but do it even better and with ease when you are in alignment. Yoga is the basis for most exercise and what a great pleasure it is to be able to feel good through the entire practice, whether you are a beginner, an intermediate, or an advanced practitioner. Our in-clinic private yoga sessions are one-on-one but incorporate BodyFix Method™ techniques and form, bringing the entire body into alignment within the practice of yoga. A BodyFix Method™ yoga session is a rare combination of therapeutic and healthful practices. Life is better when everything is aligned.

Rolfing & Massage

The combination of Rolfing or Massage and BodyFix Method™ alignment therapy has a very positive and rapid changing effect on the body. The connective tissue, central to nerve conductivity, movement, and strength, is opened and healed through deep tissue release. Rolfing brings fascia and connective tissue back to its natural elastic movements and response. Once the connective tissue is released and healthy, muscle and skeletal alignment programs have an even more ben
ficial effect. Our Rolfing and Massage therapists will work in collaboration with your respective Alignment Therapist to achieve the best results

Home & Office Alignment and Pain Relief Programs

We have developed at-home and in-office programs incorporating the work done at the clinic. We aim to bring our therapy to clients who may not be able to visit us in person or need a break from the office routine. The power to relieve your pain in the comfort of your own home or office.