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The BodyFix Method is a collection of simple, corrective exercises that offer pain relief. People who have tried everything else – from drugs to surgery – without success will find permanent relief with the BodyFix Method program of therapeutic exercises. The BodyFix Method was created 12 years ago by Bill Boland.

The BodyFix Method works for everyone: young and old, athletic or out of shape, strong or frail, recovering from an injury or just wanting to stay fit. The only requirements for success are a belief that your own efforts can make you better and a willingness to take responsibility for your own health by committing a few minutes a day to the program.

Common pains from top to bottom are often the result of structural (postural) misalignment and muscular weakness. However, most therapies ignore this, and instead focus on the area where the pain is present. In other treatments, most people discover that after a brief respite, the pain reappears either where it was before or in some new spot. Why? The treatment did not address the underlying cause of the pain, so it returns.

Each BodyFix Method therapeutic exercise menu targets the underlying cause of pain – the primary source of the problem. All the menus are safe and simple, so everyone can follow them. Each therapeutic menu is individually tailored to the client’s specific issues. Most people feel better within a week or two of starting the program. All that’s needed to get your life back is to join the program!


Posture & Pain

Wednesday May 19, 2010

I had an appointment last week with Doug Grayson, an ophthalmologist and surgeon on East 36th Street in Manhattan. After an optometrist saw a narrowing of an optic nerve, I visit about three times a year, a precaution after laser surgery in my left eye two years ago.

Although he listens to my suggestions about his poor posture but does the exercise menu I gave him sporadically, at best, we treat...

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Beware The Chair

Wednesday May 19, 2010

What's the most dangerous spot in America? It might just might be your own office chair.
In 2008, the number two reason for seeing
a physician was musculoskeletal symptoms.
Musculoskeletal refers to the system of
muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, joints,
and associated tissues that move the body and
maintain its form.

We overuse parts of this system all the
time, and other parts not at all. Tha...

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Pain Can Be Depressing +

Tuesday April 20, 2010

Monday, March 15, 2010

Pain Can Be Depressing +

I ran across a short article written by Darlene Zagata entitled Cognitive Behavioral Therapy May Reduce Back Pain, published on LIVE STRONG>COM.

The article reviewed the work of British nurses and psychologists treating 468 people in the therapy group, not a small number. Therapists focused the attention of the group on their negative thoughts ab...

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