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We strive to help our clients move confidently and comfortably in their bodies.



We offer customized therapeutic exercise programs. Whether you are experiencing daily aches, chronic pain, or alignment issues, we can help you feel better.

We will work with you to create a treatment plan that relieves pain and realigns the body, thus proactively working to prevent future injury and unnecessary surgery.

Our methods are tested and proven. We stand behind them 100%. We will give you the tools. All that’s required is that you work with us.


David, New York: “I am doing well with my exercises. Thank you so much. I feel you are saving my life and giving me a better one back.”

Jon, New Jersey: “The menu you gave me only takes me about 20 min, but it feels like a major workout! Especially the wall angels. I love it.”

Catharine, Westchester, New York: “I am doing very well. Very well! This immediate improvement is just incredible and your method is completely convincing. I am so grateful to have found you. I have given your name to a number of people already.”

Jason, New Jersey: “The pain has lessened to the point where I am sleeping through the night and that is such a blessing! I do not get the excruciating pain upon lying down that I was experiencing.”

Andrei, Israel: “I am doing well, the whole body feels much better, especially the shoulder. I can actually sleep on my right side now and that is progress...There is definitely more freedom of movement in the right arm. In general, I am doing much better. I will keep you posted.”

Sarah, New York: “Hey, this stuff works! I noticed that I was feeling a little taller (straighter) when I was walking. Also, my neck was far less painful.”

Dominika, New York: “It was wonderful working with you today--I feel like it's another blessing in life to have met you, so thank you! I actually lay down again today with my feet on the coffee table and it felt excellent. ”

Diana, Weston, Florida: “I was in the midst of suffering from a 3-day long headache when I found your article in the Davie and the Ranches. I immediately did the exercises illustrated and my headache was gone! I was so amazed and grateful that I had to let you know what an impact you had on one of the readers.”

Charlotte: “I had so much energy on Saturday I thought I was on speed. I know I have a way to go but something has lifted and even my mood is better. My theory is that the body holds on to both physical and psychic trauma and it's being released.”

Don: “I got back on the bike Sunday and lo and behold, no pain...no tightening or spasms. I sure hope this is a trend.”

Karen, Florida: “I just finished doing the exercises for low back pain that you wrote about in the last issue of the Davie and Ranches newsletter. This is the first time that I have found exercises that work to restore the S curve in the back. I have a problem between S1 - L5. The exercises really helped quite a bit. Thanks for helping us low back pain sufferers.”

Amy, New York: “Things are moving much better, feeling stronger and much more solid. I am using my additional tools when I can and I'm not taking Vicodin with my vitamins. I'd say that's an improvement.”